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The following is a transcript taken from last night's Hockey Night In Canada broadcast, immediately after the Leafs' victory over the Canadiens. Don Cherry and Ron MacLean were discussing the upcoming Devils-Isles tilt that would ultimately decide the Leafs' fate, and who would be starting in goal for New Jersey:

Cherry: "Not a good thing if (Lamoriello) doesn’t play (Martin) Brodeur tomorrow – you have to be fair on this here. I remember I had the Boston Bruins we were home free, we couldn’t lose, and I played (Gerry) Cheevers because you’ve got to be fair and if he plays (Scott Clemmensen), that’s not fair."

MacLean: "Scott Clemmensen, the word is about 98% that they're leaning towards (Lou Lamoriello of course is the coach) that they’re putting him in."

Cherry: "I’m just saying it’s not fair if you don’t go 100%. Also, say a guy brings his son to the game, he pays 300 bucks the whole deal and he wants to see (Martin) Brodeur, it’s not fair, that’s all I’m saying. It’s not fair, and he’d better play him or someday down the line Lou’ll want a favour too."


Come on now -- I know no one expects in this day and age for Don Cherry to be unbiased, but do we need to make lame excuses for a desired New Jersey victory to soften the blow? You need to be "fair" because ultimately one day "Lou'll want a favour too?" Yeah, I'm sure that guy's really concerned with something like this. You undoubtedly want to be sure that you have the Leafs' back, after all.

Oh, and nice effort to drag the poor father-and-son scenario out -- apparently waiting all this time to see Martin Brodeur, and are throwing down a chunk of change this aft to come and see the child's hero, only to be thwarted by the vicious buzzkill known as Scott Clemmensen. I guess the only chance said father and son had to come to a home game prior to this was October 19th -- that's the last time this season that Brodeur didn't play on home ice.

And Don, one more thing -- if you really interested in keeping it even, should Jersey be playing their third-stringer from Lowell against Wade Dubielewicz?

Fairness -- what a concept. Hopefully both teams will come together at the conclusion and share a bowl of orange slices. Let's bring back ties, while we're at it. That way, everyone wins!