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Now onto the mail...once again, real mail, from real(ly) bizarre readers.

Is it really necessary to pull crap like this?:

"IDOL TIME: American Idol host Ryan Seacrest was recently involved in an affectionate photo-op with the Stanley Cup. One assumes this would be a great rebound from his recent "relationship" with Teri Hatcher -- the Cup has some meat on its frame and proves to be a better conversation piece."

I'm sure you're not friends with Ms. Hatcher-- in fact, I'm quite sure you've never met her-- and yet you feel as though you are qualified to sit in judgement on her. Sorry sweetie, she can't help it if she's naturally thin and beautiful and adored by many. I know it must be a blow to your own ego in some way that you should need to single her out, but what an ugly, base, lowbrow cheapshot for you to take... Not to mention the fact that it's a tacky "writing" gimmick used by sports columnists accross (sic) the country. You'd be better advised to be a renegade and acquire some taste.

The reply:

Dear Desperate Housewife,

Oh, please. Are you going to lose sleep over this?


Eonline!/Gawker/Defamer/US/InTouch/Scoop Editor-in-Chief

The final response:


I'm actually flattered that you replied (for real). Thank you!

4 responses to "More love from the readers"

  1. That's awful nice of ya! It is appreciated and keep 'em coming please!

    reality check

  2. Very nice indeed, whats ur opinion on the 2 year extension of troops in Afghanistan?


  3. And the non-sequitur award goes to...

    The Universal Cynic

  4. Ok,shit! I'll accept the award! Rodogg missed his shot. Can't say I haven't been thinking about it for days but I just figured someone would have to pick up the trail, grab the prize, and RUN!

    reality check