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Actually, the NHL would prefer them in the stands right now. Here's a really interesting piece from the Wall Street Journal on the league's efforts to get celebrities out to games. So far the league has lured Survivor *cough* star, Jeff Probst into seeing a Kings game, and even threw in glass seats as an added incentive.

But it hasn't always been an easy sell. Steve Carell from NBC's The Office declined this invitation, as did his castmates. The NHL sent George Clooney a VIP pass to any playoff game anywhere. (How much do you think that would go for on eBay?) Clooney's reps claim he hasn't received the pass, but that he's strictly a "football, basketball and baseball guy". I think that's Hollywood-speak for, "Nah, I'm good."

It's a pity the games no longer appear on Fox in a situation like this -- the cameras would be treated to half the cellblock from Prison Break.

[Link credit: Deadspin]

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