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I was in the Hazeldean Shoppers Drug Mart this aft, and noticed something rather peculiar. There was a small amount of Maple Leafs paraphernalia located beside the Senators gear (car flags for Ottawa, magnets etc.). Here's what was weird: All the Leafs merchandise was infant-oriented. Bottles, soothers, baby booties et al.

Coincidence? I think not.

3 responses to "Odd? Not really."

  1. There's that picture again - you're really getting the mileage out of that one.


  2. Oops, I forgot my other comment:

    I can barely tell the Senators are in the playoffs this year. The Sun reported three hundred unsold tickets for game one of the Buffalo series, and only a handful of cars sport those Senator pennants. I remember two years ago against the Leafs, it was possible to see them on 80% of the cars I saw, give or take. Do Senator fans only care about the playoffs if the Leafs are the opponent? It's too bad the media and fans here focus so much on the Leafs - there are twenty-nine other teams to beat out there.

    Will there be any unsold tickets tonight?


  3. Any time I have Toronto news to report, regardless of relevance, this pic will appear. Consider it to be a signature of the blog.

    The Universal Cynic