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Okay, so The Driver says that Red Bull puts me in a "poetic" mood -- I'm not sure if that's the reason behind this -- but I was able to apply the rest of Pulley's Blindfold to the Senators with ease. I couldn't do it for the column...I'm sure I freaked out people enough as it is. Here's how we'll do it: A line or two of lyrics, followed by an interpretation. Get it...got it? Good.

Sitting in the backyard on a Sunday in the morning touched by you/and all your curls that sucked me in: Game 5 (the elimination game) was played on a Saturday night. Who were people thinking about the most, immediately after the game? Alfie. Who has curly hair? Alfie. Who have people been sucked in by, based on longevity with the franchise and so-called "leadership" ability? Say it out loud, kids.

I can't hear you when you're screaming/I can hear you when you're talking to me/laughing at the jokes/laughing at the jokes I've told before: Screaming suggests emotion -- something that the team didn't show during the playoffs, hence the reason why you didn't "hear" it. But you can hear them when they're talking to everyone, laughing off the suggestions that come every year. The ones that say they lack the grit and character to pull off any legitimate post-season success.

It's only over when you've given up on me: Yep, we've covered this already.

You've held it in for so long/detaching yourself from everything I gave/now you're on your own/there's nobody else: Held it in, held back -- either or. You could say this points towards the team's lack of desperation play on many occasions throughout the years. The detachment line is something I can't attribute to any key situation, so I'll let it go for now. The idea that they were on their own is an interesting relevation. No Hasek to save them; no one to blame but themselves for their loss, as the Sabres provided a fair matchup.

So happy on the outside with your conscience coming home: Here's a line that addresses how easy everything looked for the Senators, from a casual perspective. They had many blowouts throughout the regular season, but lacked the ability to clinch those important one-goal games -- a revelation that the team had to be aware of, regardless of their early success. It was a flaw that became blatantly obvious during the Buffalo series.

Blindfold me a role/blindfold me a role you played so well: This is easy. They had every fan in this city completely seduced with the believe they could pull it off. They played the role of elite, offensive firepower. Until it mattered, of course.

It's only over when you've given up on me: See above, column etc.

There's one thing left to say/Those words you said to me were never true: The quotes claiming that did have grit and a proclamation of confidence -- their expressions on the ice said otherwise.

I justified everything I gave to you: A fan's disappointment, based on the belief that things would be different this year. An investment of time, money and passion. All for naught...yet again.

I won't ever look at you the same: Another line that could be applied directly to Alfredsson. His pathetic pylon move that led to the Pominville goal encompasses everything that critics had claimed: He lacks the passion and gumption of a true leader. I don't think a lot of fans believed it until that moment.

Step aside/you always walk away: Step aside and make way for the teams that want it more. Walk away and give up any hope of achieving success, because you lack the character required.

There you go: A complete breakdown of Scott Radinsky's stellar work, Blindfold -- a song obviously about a failed relationship, but could be applied to the Sens with ease. And I had it figured out after a 12-minute shower.

Go ahead and admit your amazement. Your awed wonder and golf claps are highly appreciated.

13 responses to "Addendum to today's column"

  1. Be careful Erin, the Beatles spoke to Charles Manson once... Astute observations - though I feel it's time for baseball season!

    reality check

  2. Forget golf claps. This article - was SO GOOD - I just peeled the skin from my own face. Okay, I didn't. But it was good anyway. It has way more moxie than the standard bootlicking I'm accustomed to barfing on when I open the Sun sports section.

    Erin, why do you only write on Sundays when guys like Boo-boo get to appear on a daily basis? Maybe he has naked photos of somebody:

    Editor: Boo-boo, we have to talk...

    Boo-boo: (waving brown envelope) Ah-ah-ahhh!

    Editor: (sweating profusely) God - I didn't know you still had those - look, don't be hasty, big man. Look! I got these donuts. Just for you.

    Boo-boo: Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Hot Stove Lounge, baby! *munch munch* Now, stand back and watch me dance!

    That's gotta be it.


  3. Have you been to a Lynx game this year, RC? And don't be bagging on my patron team of lost causes -- I love them, and more importantly, I love their front office. Best media relations in the city, hands down.

    I don't hear voices, but your mention of Charles Manson made me think of another band -- SNFU. They've recently broken up, but they wrote an amusing song about Charlie. It's also worth noting that the lead singer's speaking voice is nearly identical to Patricia Boal. Seriously. And for the record, he's the scariest looking dude I've ever spoken to.

    Glad you liked the column, A. As for my freelance woes, there's not much that can done about that. Epic dialogue, by the way. I cracked up.

    The Universal Cynic

  4. Argus' got me started on a movie script about Boo-boo....working title....Brownose Mountain!

    Weird thing about post I was able to play scrambled letters with word verification.. S A S K S I S...too much!

    reality check

  5. RC, what are you still doing up? I mean, I know what I'M still doing up, but...didn't our parents always tell us that nothing good ever happens after midnight? Case in point.

    Here are my letters: OZYPZEM. What the hell am I supposed to do with that...especially at this hour?

    P.S. It isn't just me -- I put it into an anagram builder and it came up with zilch. Whew.

    The Universal Cynic

  6. "Here are my letters: OZYPZEM. What the hell am I supposed to do with that...especially at this hour?"

    It looks like it's from the "Diazepam" family of anti-anxiety meds. Blogger is telling you to chill out and go to bed.


  7. Yes I know what our parents said, but silly me, I completely forgot we were even related!

    I have two jobs, both alternate shifts. I have no track of time whatsoever. I have been hired by owls to be their nightwatchman!

    As far as fun I've had after midnight....I'm usully using my imagination for something positive!

    reality check

  8. The results of this years playoff attempt by the WSenators reminded me more of a Ten Foot Pole song: Broken Bubble!


  9. Erin, I must say, I was overjoyed to see a writer for the Ottawa Sun have such great taste in music. First Pulley then an SNFU remark? Wow!

    She likes sports AND punk music?


  10. I've been listening to a lot of this music for nearly fifteen years, and I won't give it up because I've yet to find something I like better.

    My preference above all is still Bad Religion. Anyone that knows me well enough realizes that whenever they go on tour, I get on a plane and hit a couple of their shows -- Honolulu, Phoenix, Denver...I don't even think twice about it.

    My 2a and 2b bands are Pennywise and Pulley. I saw a Bad Religion/Pennywise double bill in Minneapolis last year, and I'd put it on par, or greater than the Senators' series win against Jersey. I've only seen Pulley once (actually it was in Ottawa) and they were fantastic. I never saw Scott with Ten Foot Pole, but I did see the band post-Scott on their first tour without him. Pretty decent.

    I also loved SNFU -- no one, anywhere could put on a live show like Chi Pig -- I can't believe I'll never get to see them again. I'm pretty positive that last breakup was it. They've been around for so long.

    Let's see...what else...Good Riddance, Lagwagon, Rocket From The Crypt, Fugazi, Propagandhi...there's too many to list.

    Oh, and for the record: I've never had blue hair, a mohawk, or wore anything that blatantly advertised that I was a "punk". Because I'm not. But I do keep Bad Religion, Pulley and SNFU buttons on my laptop bag, and there was a BR button on my Sens press pass for most of the year. I keep a Pulley one now on my Lynx pass.

    P.S. Chris Stevenson has admitted in his blog that he likes Blue Rodeo and The Skydiggers.

    The Universal Cynic

  11. All this disecting of songs that could analyze the Sens woes can make a fan SICK. It is time to get OVER IT. It doesn't take a SILVER TONGUE DEVIL to know the Sens lacked FUEL in their ESTEEM DRIVEN ENGINE. It could be time for some of these WORKING CLASS WHORES to be CASHED IN as they will always be SECOND BEST. By getting rid of half the team, they have NOTHING TO LOSE. Hasek should be GONE because INSECTS DESTROY. If fans had their EYES WIDE OPEN instead of their BLINDFOLD on, this losers constant STOMACH ACHES would make them SICK. I REMEMBER the stunt he pulled on Detroit, and for that he ought to be LOCKED AWAY. In REALITY he should be sent on an ENDLESS JOURNEY or some LOST TRIP, given some PIE that would make him BARF and told THANKS but no thanks at returning next year. He's got a BAD REPUTATION and Muckler shouldn't fork out another dollar for him, it's not like Melnyk is a WALKIN ATM. They should just let Hasek RUNAWAY and find some SCAB from the DARKSIDE to replace him. Next year, we don't want to hear anymore IF, IF, IF, it takes all the FUN out of being committed inside these FOUR WALLS. Being a Sens fan anymore is a DOG'S LIFE and I don't wanna be a LIFER. I hope they tell him to FLY soon so one day people can ask WHERE ARE YOU NOW? I don't know WHAT else it will take to SILENCE the critics who are IN SEARCH of a better goalie. Me, I'd rather play in front of an EMPTY net! It's time the Sens were SEPARATED from this problem!

    reality check

  12. Oh, and one more thing...DESTINY damnit. As we've seen with Hasek, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. And I'm not in the mood for that SAME SICK FEELING, I'd rathet CRAWL to the WOK INN and BARF. Old LEATHER FACE Hasek must think us fans are "TOUCHED!"

    reality check

  13. This is funny!!!

    I love this post.

    Ricky the crazy plush moose