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With tonight's Senators win, I've been forced into an irritating situation. I will need to write two columns to cover each potential scenario, regardless of what happens Saturday night.

Therefore, I won't be giving you my thoughts on tonight's game right now...duty calls.

More later...hopefully.

P.S. Feel free to comment on the game in this post -- I'll attempt to sporadically interject my thoughts if possible.

2 responses to "All quiet on the Cynic front"

  1. Well, I watched most of it on OLN. I hope the TSN feed was better. The announcers were lousy and Davidson compared himself to Emery and Miller athleticism like it was some returning joke.

    I liked the Sense' "no tomorrow" attitude with Neil starting fights in the first 5 minutes.

    Where was Spezza? He should have stepped up like he did in game 3.

    The Sens have to win to preserve my credibility as a hockey prognosticator. ;)


  2. Plus you have the Emery/Hasek situation to contend with as well.

    Better make that 4 columns!