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Adam over at The Hater Nation has found a a new toy, and naturally I had to give it a whirl. Here's my first attempt:

I'll try and create a couple more throughout the day. If you're feeling creative, make up your own, save them using the instructions provided on the site and email them to me at erinnicks@yahoo.ca. I'll post the best ones later on.

1 response to "Damn you, Adam"

  1. Wow and whaddasite! Been scrolling it for as hour. Too much. Just moved here from Philly. Think you got goalie troubles! My fave band from BroLove are the Dominatrix Hextalls. Check out the lips to this tune, it's there on Kazaa. Its called Rubber Boot, Has a bigtime hockey innuendo to die for. Lyrics are:

    I wish I coulda played you
    I'd have taken all your shots
    Dare you to beat me
    You good for nothing snot

    I was in your crease last year
    You used my stick to score
    I took your ankles in my grip
    You no good trapping whore

    Well I'm just laying here for you to shoot
    While I bite the heel off your rubber boot

    I'll take a flyer on your penalty box
    I got two minutes to kill
    Call my style unorthodox
    You just shoot to thrill

    My pads are off and I'm ready for you
    I'm off the road and home
    Score one and get me a head
    Like I'm Manon fuckin' Rheaume

    I'm just one foot in your crease
    I'm a powerplay on my knees

    Solo/ Drumroll/ Spastic Cowbell/ Xylophone

    I'm just laying here for you to shoot
    Bobby gnaw the heel off my rubber boot

    Talkback at ya soon