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It's been a deathly quiet week for the Senators thus far, and info's been extremely hard to come by -- with the exception of Ray Emery's growing RFA price. Seriously, what are we up to? Throw out a number and it allegedly becomes fact (as we pointed out two weeks ago). We started at 2 million, then 4, now we're discussing if the amount is less than 4.5? Why don't we just make it a nice, even number...like 7? And let's also assume Ray will be tendered 10 offer sheets. We said it, so it's got to be true! This whole episode is beginning to feel very Stephen Colbert-ish.

Obviously GM Bryan Murray's (God, that still feels odd) first big move will set the tone for his tenure as general manager. There's mounting circumstantial evidence to suggest it could involve the previously referenced goaltender, which may come out of left field for some. Where would that leave the maligned Swiss Manatee? Well, if one must go, someone's got to stay. Is this the big move Murray wishes to begin his GM phase with? It'd definitely create some talk, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, we'll likely be attending the Senators' Developmental Camp tomorrow (we love events like these). It's a good chance to see how the prospects are growing and maturing. Ben Blood is going to be there, so needless to say The Driver's pleased. Here's the full list of attendees:

30 *Brian Elliott
35 *Ryan Daniels

51 Derek Smith
55 *Brian Lee
57 *Mattias Karlsson
59 *Tomas Kudelka
61 *Eric Gryba
66 *Pierre-Luc Lessard
70 Ben Blood

36 Josh Hennessy
48 *Danny Bois
50 *Shawn Weller
52 *Colin Greening
53 Ilja Zubov
56 Kaspar Daugavins
58 *Cody Bass
62 Jim O’Brien
63 *Jim McKenzie
64 *Matthew McIlvane
67 Louie Caporusso
68 *Erik Condra
71 *Nick Foligno

The event's open to the public and runs through to the 4th, so go check it out if you have a chance.