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What is Jim Rome's producer (and the man solely responsible for shutting Ottawa's print media out of Jim's studio*) doing holding the Stanley Cup? I don't know, and I'd like to...except that the Team 1200 has insisted on preempting the show in favour of blatantly redundant local talk for some time. We're hoping this isn't a sign of things to come -- and that the show will return (fingers crossed) on Monday.


* If you missed it, here's the clip:

We had planned to follow Senators president Roy Mlakar to his 10 a.m. PST karma-collecting interview with the one and only Jim Rome. An early phone call to producer "Jay Stew" put the wheels in motion, but a return call from producer Travis Rogers (sic) 15 minutes later threw brakes on a deal we believed was as good as done.

At least CJOH sportscaster Terry Marcotte -- who doesn't fall under the Jungle's little- known and quite-curious rule of not allowing print journalists into the studio -- was able to spend some time in the company of their greatness.

Rule No. 1: Never believe a word Jason Stewart says;

Rule No. 2: Travis can be persuaded with a pan of fudge that's easily obtained from Chino Hills.

Of course, what would I know? It's only been 10 years.