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Ottawa Senators president Roy Mlakar's tone and expression at Monday's news conference to announce Bryan Murray as GM has made waves over the past 48 hours, both online and through traditional media.

Here's a quote from the Citizen's Wayne Scanlan:

In the end, Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk got his man.

It wasn't pretty, what with all that blood on the floor.

The ashen face of Senators president and chief executive officer Roy Mlakar spoke louder than his words.

And from the HF Boards:

I agree that Mlakar will stay the last year on his contract, but did his body english point to being upset at this decision?
I am just now wondering if he looked like he was not going to resign after this coming year (the last year of his contract).

I understand it is sheer conjecture, but it will be interesting. If he does not resign, then you can be sure that he did not agree with this move.

Frankly, he looked very pissed off and uncomfortable during the whole thing.

We're mentioning this again because we recently conversed with someone who works for Eugene Melnyk, and apparently the Sens' owner is quite the stickler for appropriate body language -- our source said it's considered a "big deal" to him and he "does not take stuff like that lightly". One would have to assume that Melnyk would eventually see, or hear about the noticeable visual aspects of the news conference. We wonder what his reaction will be...