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1) Numbers rarely tell the full story. Ottawa won 33 of their faceoffs; Anaheim won 32. But watching the game, it was blatantly obvious that number should have been tipped in the Ducks' favour. If Ottawa did win a faceoff, they rarely won it cleanly. We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you that John Muckler could've had notorious faceoff man Yanic Perreault for a song -- Perreault flapped in the breeze until Phoenix picked him up for the psychotically low price of $700,000 on October 29th.

2) Why bother to admit that the team has a good luck song if you're not going to play it? Idiotic.

3) Why are defensemen making 6.5 million per year pushing the forecheckers to the inside on breakaways? Idiotic.

4) Now the media gets to spend thousands of dollars sending their employees 3,000 miles to duck* around in SoCal for 48 hours to see Anaheim win at home, or worse still, the Ottawa faithful who have forked out for Game 6 run the risk of seeing the Ducks win at the SBP. Idiotic.


* Bad pun on my part -- trust me, that's not the vowel I wanted to use.