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"We covet as much attention as we can get from every possible outlet and source." -- NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

If only this were true. In the last 24 hours I've received the following information: Erik Ohlsson, who works for the Swedish Daily Dagens Nyheter out of Washington, D.C., was denied accreditation by the league. American ties -- Swedish captain in the Finals...how many more selling points do you need?

On the other hand, sources tell us that James Hurst, who writes a twice-monthly column for the weekly Wellington Times (a gratis paper, by the way) was granted accreditation for Game 4 in Ottawa.

Now don't get us wrong -- we're not saying one writer is more deserving than the other. We're just trying to demonstrate that there is no rhyme or reason behind the NHL's alleged list of criteria required for any press member to secure accreditation into the Finals, and the preceding is an excellent demonstration of just how random it can be.