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Randball reports that members of the Stanley Cup-winning Carolina Hurricanes team will finally be meeting with President Bush during a White House ceremony on Friday. What could these two parties possibly have in common, other than mediocre popularity ratings? Ten to one says Bush attempts to sport the Cup as a hat, injures his neck and subsequently blames Canada for it.

2 responses to "Yet again...too little, too late."

  1. Unrelated to this post, but is it possible Crosby's love affair with the Habs is over?

    ''It's a road game,'' Crosby said with a shrug. ''I grew up liking this team (Montreal) and there's a reason they're passionate fans. My liking this team has probably changed since then.''


    If so, my Hab-friend buddy who has been waiting for Crosby to sign with Montreal as a free agent in 6 years needs to change the plan.


  2. You're right...this is unrelated to the post.

    The Universal Cynic