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You know you've sold out when Maxim identifies you with an expletive-included moniker. You may recognize this woman -- she's the one that made headlines when her...shall we say...succinct t-shirt made it onto network television (you can view the video below). When we originally saw this chick, we assumed she was on the Bolivian Marching Powder*, but to be fair, we assume that about a lot of people at NFL games -- especially when they look like this.

Anyway, Maxim online has taken to the Saints supporter. She's done a photo shoot and video for the site -- we get the Jeff Feagles thing, but why is she bagging on Angelina Jolie's kids? You can find the rest of her shoot here -- kiss the rest of your workday goodbye.


* Do the kids still call it this, or are we supposed to make some sort of Lohan-Strawberry Quik reference now?

1 response to ""(Expletive) Da Eagles" girl does Maxim shoot"

  1. Maxim has gone down the tubes. That woman is a C- at best.