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And a very good morning to you too.

Want to guess who New England Patriots' QB Tom Brady has rebounded with? Scoreboard, Dimpled Chin. The only way Bridget Moynahan is going to top this is with a Brangelina threesome. One thing though: If this is true, why the hell is Gisele mounting Peyton's alabaster mascot (in the nude, no less)? The least she could do is smack its ass a few times, just to show she means business. Bloody turncoat trollop. We only wish the Patriots were playing Denver this week, because we'd be bleeding the Elway jokes for all they were worth.

[Credit: Page Six]

2 responses to "Uh...that's the wrong team, dear"

  1. Thanks for finding my new desktop background. *sigh* I should've been a QB.

    West Side Slant

  2. Great Job, Tommy Boy!