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...as soon as we return from the hellish drive up to the Land of Staalapalooza. We'll have lots of good stuff for you next week, including training camp buzz, fallout from the landing of the mightily hyped Alexei Kaigorodov, wild speculation on why the Team 1200's Glen "The Kulkster" Kulka stares at me at the gym, and several new features that'll make you do the Boo Boo avatar dance.

Stay tuned, silly bitches. We'll see you back here early next week. Until then, eat it with a spork.

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5 responses to "We're turning the lights back on..."

  1. Well good to here you are coming back.

    I can speak for all that we missed you wit quick or not.

    The stone man was in the Bay for Staalapolosa and it was not that cool.

    Did you forget to mention your favorite Batchelor and Canada going towo for two on washed up Rock Star shows?


  2. Greetings from Sault Ste. Marie. Only another 8 hours to go.

    Newsted and Co. buggered up royally when they decided to shaft Toby into 3rd place. How stupid was that? It was obvious the dude had come on strong, and his original song seemed to excite Tommy Lee so much that I assumed he'd give up a month's worth of whores if he could own the rights to it. Toby also had a nice trifecta: Respect from the guys, attention from the girls and he was a capable performer. Personally, when it came to the pulchritude department, I fancied Magni, but I think that had a lot to do with his attitude.

    Make no mistake: It was an error to choose Lukas, but I'm grateful they didn't take Dilana. She plagiarized Propagandhi's arrangement of "I Want You To Want Me" a couple of weeks ago, as if no one would notice. You just don't do punks from the 'Peg like that.

    The Universal Cynic

  3. Have a 'persian' for me when you get there.


  4. Glad your back. Of course your column in the Sun seemed to have come back a bit earlier. I guess money talks, since you actually get paid to write the column, ...?

    Anyway, we should have a pool on how many games DePietro will play next year.


  5. The column was never on hiatus. It appears 52 weeks a year, as it always has.

    The Universal Cynic