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The premise: We're accessorizing our Jake Plummer inaction figure to represent the type of week he had. For Week 1, click here.

Plummer stats: 16 for 30, 173 yards. QB rating of 56.7, rushing yards -2, and 1 interception. Denver barely pulls off the victory, beating Kansas City in OT, 9-6.


After throwing for zero touchdowns, Jake enjoys a Cosmopolitan and some European flavour while hanging with Swedish-born NHLer, Daniel Alfredsson. We hate to get our Alfie involved in this, but Plummer needed some male company, and we weren't about to defile our John Elway figurine (yet). Note that Jake takes his Cosmo with lemon, as opposed to the traditional lime. Gauche bastard.

Next week: At New England.

P.S. It should also be noted that "Burnt Sienna" Shanahan is telling all the Jay Cutler supporters to bugger off.

1 response to "Dress Up Jake: Week 2"

  1. WOOH!

    If your going to talk about NFL quarterbacks drinking cosmopolitans, the only guy that comes to mind is "yeah how's it going" Jeff Garcia
    Just ask "I'm Hurt Again" TO

    But you are right Plummer is bad