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It's rare for an incident involving Steve Downie to get lost in the NHL shuffle, but it seems like that's exactly what has happened over the past few days. In the midst of another round of Ovechkin-mania (involving his hit from behind on Chicago's Brian Campbell and subsequent two-game suspension), Downie's slew-foot on Sidney Crosby received nowhere near the same amount of attention -- and I wasn't the only one who noticed.

We can hypothesize that Downie's behaviour didn't garner as much outrage because Crosby emerged unscathed (whether that stands as a justifiable reason is a discussion for another time). But the incident itself got me to thinking about Vincent Lecavalier's harsh words for Matt Cooke after his head shot on Boston's Marc Savard.

In speaking with the media, Lecavalier said that "(Cooke's) been doing that his whole career. He’s been hurting a lot of guys."

You could definitely say the same thing about Lecavalier's own teammate, Steve Downie. Funny that.

One has to wonder what Vinny truly thinks about his fellow Bolt and his questionable behaviour. Things get complicated when you have to suit up next to the guy on a daily basis.


Hey, look: This dancing machine is going to duke it out with the Neckbeard for the starting QB position with the Denver Broncos next season. C'mon now, what have I done to deserve this? On the bright side, it led to Phil Simms's son getting the boot, but if you had told me two years ago that Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn were going to be my top two choices at quarterback, I would've suggested that you go fornicate yourself twice over. And I don't really give an arse that Brady and Josh McDaniels share a bond over the round mound of rage known as Charlie Weis. This whole New England thing is getting as bad as Bryan Murray's hometown boy obsession (and so far, just as effective). For the record, Brady completed only 53% of his passes last season, and Pat Bowlen has said that he would like to draft a passing QB next month.

Oh, you mean like Jay Cutler? I guess the point is moot if you have no one to throw to. Regardless of his talent, WR Brandon Marshall is out on his ass for multiple reasons, and we all know it. Sigh. What a hot mess.

More later.

2 responses to "Tuesday morning Deglaze"

  1. I wanted to believe in Quinn, but watching him last year in Cleveland was a train wreck. How anyone could see that game film and find a flicker of hope is beyond me. McDaniels now believes his own hype in that he thinks he can take any QB, plug him into the system, and have him produce. It actually worked for a while last year, until Kyle Orton remembered that he was, in fact, Kyle Orton. Maybe Quinn just needs a new zip code, but I am deeply skeptical.

    If it's any consolation, Cleveland actively downgraded themselves at QB in the process. Jake Delhomme? Really? Way to negotiate against yourself, Holmgren. Dude is 35, can't stay healthy, and can't stop throwing picks. He's a cheap knock-off version of Brett Favre.

    Dennis Prouse

  2. "This whole New England thing is getting as bad as Bryan Murray's hometown boy obsession (and so far, just as effective)..."

    Too bad Melnyk is blissfully unaware of how bad this team has become under Murray and that the local media kowtows to Murray because he's "witty".

    Rock on Erin, you're a breath of fresh air with your candid opinions.