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From Ian Mendes's Twitter last night:

"(Alex) Kovalev on scoring OT goal to break 12-gm point drought: 'I didn't have a slump. That's what you guys call a slump. I'm just doing my best.'"

Oh, alrighty then. Nice to know his best involved sucking up air on the bench for 12 games, to the tune of $731,707 (give or take -- he also gets a stipend for hair products).

It's odd how things can trigger weird memories. Kovalev's latest offering made me think of this quote from the brutal 90's blockbuster, The Rock. I think it fits the bill. Take it away, Mr. Connery -- and mind the Velveeta (language NSFW):

4 responses to "Alex Kovalev leaves the prom unfulfilled"

  1. Best. Movie. Line. EVER.

    Dennis Prouse

  2. Problem with that quote Erin, Kovalev has already fucked the prom queen by winning the Stanley Cup. The rest of the Senators core is the one that has to "Work hard" and "try their best". Of course Kovalev is going to screw the pooch, what does he have to play for?

    And I say this as a Sens fan, but come on...you know why ALfredsson works so hard? Cos when all is said and done, he'll likely have 1,000 points, 1,000 games played and a Calder Trophy. He and his teammates work hard because they aren't winners.

    Had a good laugh at Clouston asking the media to talk to him in June about the playoffs, what is he going to do, sulk from late April to June?


  3. I knew that going in, but think of it this way: Tom Barrasso was also a "winner" when he arrived in Ottawa -- did you really believe he'd be anything but a loser while here?

    The Universal Cynic

  4. You sure can pick out the guys who never played sports at a competitive level. News flash for Anon - these guys are all fierce competitors. They compete hard playing backgammon on road trips, for God's sake - that's how they are wired. Are you seriously trying to tell me that Kovalev, or any other player, doesn't care if he wins another Cup? That's a load of garbage. These guys all want to win so badly they can taste it.

    The difference between winning and losing at the pro level is so slim, but of course most fans don't have a clue. You should seriously get out there and play, even just in a Wednesday night beer league. It will give you a new appreciation for how hard these guys actually work, and just how tiny the margin is between having an odd man rush one way, or giving one up the other way.

    Dennis Prouse