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'Cause it's not what you've done/It's what you've been
If you fuck up/I'm telling Tim

-- I'm Telling Tim (NOFX)

Regarding the "anti-Spezza" posts on Tim Baines's new blog:

1) Don Brennan and Bruce Garrioch are big boys - one would hope they could defend themselves;

2) Don't you wish this blog was around in 2008? It would have been interesting to see Baines take up for his writers when this was going on.

More later.

4 responses to "I'm telling Tim"

  1. Did you love the shot taken at the blogging world? "Local hacks living in their mother's basement?"

    Stay classy Tim - while the rest of us continue to find you and your department's work irrelevant.

    The Dutch Treat

  2. Is there anything more uninspired than the "living in mother's basement" crack? When did we revert back to 1997?

    The Universal Cynic

  3. He covers "wrestling" for a living....I wonder if Timbo has ever heard of "people in glass houses"...?

    What's funny is the backlash that very unintelligible "blog post" of his is getting.

    I work a journalist. I know what the bounds of opinion vs. commentary vs. actual news is - sadly the Sun's journalists do not and as a result Tim has failed incredibly as their editor.

    The Dutch Treat

  4. Ah, see. Now we've hit on that "media accountability" thing I went on about earlier. Hiding behind your whinging boss does not a respectable reporter make.

    I can't (?) believe that any business today thinks that insulting their clientele is a good idea.

    Except MLSE, I mean. But they are owned by teachers; perhaps in their case it's satire.