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From the "No, no, no!" files:

Wade Redden hasn’t ruled out a return to the lineup tomorrow.
The Senators defenceman, who left Monday’s 7-5 loss to the Montreal Canadiens with a knee injury, was on the ice this morning at Scotiabank Place and could play tomorrow against the Buffalo Sabres.

While Redden wasn’t in the lineup for the club’s 6-3 victory over the Sabres Tuesday at the HSBC Arena, he was still feeling some soreness after practice today.

He’ll take part in the club’s optional morning skate and then make a decision. If he does play, it’s possible that veteran Luke Richardson could come out of the lineup.

“It was a little stiff,” said Redden this morning. “There’s a chance. We’ll assess it tomorrow and see how it feels. It felt better overnight. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.”

Hands up: Did you really miss Redden while he was gone last night?

Meanwhile, posters at the HFBoards are giving all kinds of love to Babyface Lee. It's a knee-jerk reaction after one game, but to be fair, the kid didn't do too badly for himself out there. Also interesting to see reaction to his post-game interview. Personally, I didn't find it that surprising -- most of the American prospects I've interviewed react and speak that way. They bounce back very few clichés, and take the time to give you a thoughtful answer.

More later.