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This is going to be short because I'm heading out:

1) Alfie touched the Prince of Wales Trophy -- commence your freakouts;

2) Today is The Driver's birthday, so needless to say he's pleased;

3) The following is an e-mail from California -- NBC dropped the ball. Big time. It reads:

OMG I am SO (expletive) pissed right now. This is when I watch hockey, deep into the playoffs. The Sens and Sabres go to OT, and they flip to the (expletive) Preakness. I get it, they're obligated. But they don't put in on an alternate (expletive) channel! I thought they may flip it to CNBC, or one of their several other channels that are showing Bo Flex ads right now -- nope.

(Expletive) it, two wasted hours and no payoff. I refuse to go to a bar to watch the end of it. I tried to enjoy the NHL, for a couple of weeks anyway and this is what I get. Thanks NHL, thanks NBC. That's the last game I'll tune in to for a very long time.

See, the Americans care about hockey, but they have very little patience. Frankly after reading that, can you blame them?

4) Sign spotted during the second intermission (given away courtesy of Rock 97): "Slash the Sen's". The team's now known as the "Sen" -- since when? If this is the case I would have to ask, "Slash the Sen's what?" That's two grammatical errors for the price of one, kids.

Please be safe and behave yourselves tonight. You've been given a window to tell all the naysayers to chew it for now. I highly encourage you to do so.

More later.