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This is going to be fairly short, because the current series situation has caught between a rock and a hard place in regards to the column.

1) Two nights ago, James Duthie went full-blown OCD regarding the idea of the Sens facing a long layoff (as much as 12 days had they won last night). He brought it up at least three times before digging up the stats, and they read as follows: Three teams have gone 12-2 in the Semifinals, only to be beaten in the fourth round. They are the 1992 Chicago Blackhawks (swept in four), The 1995 Detroit Red Wings (swept in four) and the 2003 Anaheim Ducks (beaten in seven). Now it won't happen, so they can't talk about it anymore -- instead, they can talk about a Sens loss and the possibility (according to the media) of a Buffalo comeback/Senators chokejob. This team can't win (with the media, that is).

2) When I saw the Senators' starting lineup I almost choked, and 90% of my reaction was due to the defensive pairing listed. Why on Earth would Murray start the game with Redden and Meszaros? Why?

3) Pennywise's Knocked Down was played during the pre-game skate. Was LOVING that. Oleg Saprykin was the last off the ice, and shot a puck in the Buffalo net. The crowd cheered, but I remember thinking it was bad karma.

4) Guess who I was sitting beside last night? Go on, guess. I'll wait. Did you guess Dwayne Klessel? That's an E5. Frankly, I've never understood what the BFD was about this guy and why bloggers obsess about him, but anyways -- he looks nothing like he sounds, he's older than you'd think, eats a lot of popcorn and is need of a wardrobe overhaul/haircut. In other words, he fits right in with the majority of the population upstairs.

5) Scouts are nuts. One team in particular is beyond obsessive with their research -- I was blown away. I'm going to leave it at that, except to say that to see another team's assessment of the Senators without any kind of bias whatsoever (read: non-media and non-fan) was a total eye-opener.

6) The Sens didn't score after The Sweet Escape was played last night, but they did have a decent sequence. I say keep playing it. It's the only song the crowd can apparently keep in time with. By the way, the Senators also played a video montage set to Crowbar's Oh What A Feeling. This city's stuck in a Can-Con time warp.