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By now I'll assume you've heard/read the conference calls featuring both Dany Heatley and Bryan Murray. Let's tackle some random thoughts, shall we?

* Was anyone able to take Dany Heatley's "reasons" at face value? It's understood that the team was/is not as successful as perhaps Dany had anticipated at the time of his signing. That said, perhaps he should try looking in the mirror every once in a while. Standing alongside Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza, he is part of one of the NHL's most recognizable first lines. Furthermore, how does one state that his "role has been diminished" when he's part of such a line, and is looked upon as the first guy you go to for offence? The only thing that's changed is the occasional time on PP -- from first to second line. Who truly perceives that as a diminished role worthy of a trade demand?

* Due to the reasons I've stated above, I continue to stand by my belief that there must be more to this story. This is less about assumption, and more about putting puzzle pieces together that come courtesy of Heatley's inner circle. I know many of you are not fond of idle gossip -- that's not where I'm going with this. But a person doesn't behave the way that Heatley has -- particularly towards his closest friends -- if his issues only involve his role on the team. He doesn't shut down. He doesn't become an island. And that's exactly what Dany has done during the past two months.

* One really has to wonder what kind of a reason Bryan Murray needs to remove Heatley's "A". He claimed that he didn't want to rush into matters, and that it needed to be discussed with the players and coaches. I understand that the man must give a PC answer in situations like these, but he's got to realize such a statement sounds utterly foolish right now.

More later.

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1 response to "No. 15: Now what?"

  1. If anything, Heatley is even less marketable today than he was before his statement. This was not quite as bad as Drew Rosenhaus's newser for T.O., but it was close. What team in their right mind is making a move for this drama queen now? No one. The Senators are stuck with him for the forseeable future.

    There are three kinds of trades the Senators could make for Heatley. One is the straight dump, where the Sens are willing to dump Heatley for a bag of bad contracts from another club just to be rid of him. The Rangers made that kind of an offer in late June, and it appears as if San Jose was also looking to send us a flaming bag of doggy doo in exchange for Heatley. It is abundantly clear that Melnyk refuses to OK such a deal. (And let's be clear - it's Melnyk calling the shots here.)

    Another potential deal is the straight one for one, my superstar for your superstar kind of trade. What GM in their right mind is making that deal? "Hi, Flames fans. I just traded our heart and soul, Jarome Iginla, for a whiny, underachieving, coach killing drama queen in Dany Heatley. How do you like me so far?" Besides, virtually all marquee players have no trade clauses these days. (i.e. Heatley himself.)

    Finally, there is the picks and prospects kind of deal. The problem is that in the cap era, few teams are anxious to part with draft choices and prospects who form their pool of productive, relatively cheap labour in the immediate future. You absolutely have to have solid young players who are outperforming their rookie contracts if you want to have the cap space to re-sign your own free agents.

    All of this to say that it is going to be a painful season at SBP. Unless, of course, Dany starts scoring and the team starts winning. Winning has this habit of looking after all ills. Keep in mind that it was only three years ago that Kobe Bryant wanted out of LA.

    Dennis Prouse