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Jeff Kent, beloved TUC mascot and resident 3 lb. ball of rage, passed away unexpectedly today after a brief illness.

Kent, a.k.a. The Kentlet a.k.a. Stop Chewing That You Little Bugger, could always be counted on to growl relentlessly, kick the crap out of his stuffed animal companion Roxy, and relieve himself on the local fishwraps as he saw fit. He had an enormous dislike for nearly everyone and everything (with the exception of golden raisins and bananas), and that's what made him such a fixture around TUC HQ.

Above is a memorable photo of him taking out his anger on Bruce Garrioch's mock draft. He ate some, ripped a bit apart, then urinated on the remainder. I wish I was kidding, but our boy never held back.

Goodbye, sweet one. We'll miss you.

2 responses to "In Memory of Jeff Kent: 2000-2009"

  1. I'm sorry to hear about this. It is always tough to lose a pet. I don't dare tell my 10 year old daughter about this, the one who watches "Animal Planet" 24/7 -- she would cry for a bunny she has never met! Any bunny named Jeff Kent must have been epic cool, even if prone to accidents while washing the truck.

    Dennis Prouse

  2. Thanks, Dennis. I really appreciate that.

    The Universal Cynic