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OK, so he didn't demand breakfast foods, but Dany Heatley might as well have. In case you missed my Twitter explosion during the press conference call, No. 15's breaking of a two-month silence was basically a Kelowna-based cluster(expletive). Some highlights:

- Heatley verbalized his desire to be traded in May, and then presented the club with a formal letter detailing his request;

- He still wants out but will report to camp if nothing happens;

- Believes there are still teams out there that still want him;

- Didn't go to Edmonton because he "wanted more options";

- Believes his reputation as a team guy trumps any of this nonsense;

- Is unhappy with his "diminished role" and says it doesn't solely have to do with head coach Cory Clouston;

- Don Brennan tried to ask Heatley if he would give up the "A" if he returned to the Sens, and Stacey McAlpine cut him off. If you follow Brennan's relationship with Heatley to any degree, this little snub shouldn't come as a surprise.


During this entire mess, I really felt for Edmonton. They totally got thrown under the bus. Heatley claims that the Oilers weren't on his "initial list" of teams where he wanted to go to. He also claimed that his rejection of the trade "wasn't personal; (he) just wanted more options." 20-year-old frat boys who dump chicks via text are better BS artists than this guy.

James Gordon mentioned on his live blog that Bryan Murray may speak at 3:30 pm. We'll stay on that -- more to come.

4 responses to "Heatley: "Me want options, attention, pancakes!""

  1. I heard on Am640 Toronto before the Heatley Presser that Murray had one scheduled for 3:30 so it seems likely

    Dale Sanger

  2. Thanks for the updates via Twitter. Much appreciated.


  3. You're more than welcome.

    The Universal Cynic

  4. Other GMs are probably only too happy to whisper sweet nothings into McAlpine`s ear, telling him that they made an offer for Heatley, but it was turned down. Has McAlpine thought for one moment that he is being played, and that in reality, all this GM is trying to do is create havoc for Ottawa, and to butter up McAlpine for the next negotiation with one of his other clients?

    Dennis Prouse