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As the Dany Heatley deadlock rolls on, tiny cracks are beginning to appear in the vault of silence that surrounds the truth. The presentation to the public has always been that this is a beef between head coach Cory Clouston and No. 15. But few have found that so-called reason to be totally plausible.

Heatley, in the meantime, has completely shut himself off from the Senators. Not only that, he's refusing to take calls from some of his closest friends. And while we haven't gotten to the point of total-frustration-off-the-record-meltdown-on-a-golf-course-by-a-player yet, those inside the dressing room have indeed indicated that this involves some pretty heavy stuff, which goes beyond a simple tiff with a coach.

You may have seen some rumours flying about on Senators-related message boards over the past few weeks. Anything out there is naturally going to be taken with a grain of salt by the sensible. However, it should be noted that certain members of the traditional media have been flapping their gums off-the-record about the Heatley drama, and what they're saying is not far off from we've been reading on sites like HFBoards. Keep in mind, this is one of the biggest small towns out there, kids. Everything comes out eventually.

In short, based on what I've been told by my sources, I'm starting to lean towards the where-there's-smoke-there's-fire side of this situation. History has unfortunately proved that to be the case when it comes to the Sens.

More later.

4 responses to "The truth is out there...somewhere"

  1. When it comes to off-ice stories, I'm often amazed at the enormous gap between what members of the Ottawa media are willing to report (virtually nothing) and what they're willing to tell you over a beer (everything they've ever seen, heard about, or imagined... in detail).

    There has to be a middle ground somewhere, no?

    Down Goes Brown

  2. How do I get in touch with you about advertising on the website?

    Craig Swerdloff

  3. Down goes Brown is right..people call the Sun a 'tabloid', but apparently the sports section is not..save for Sundays when we get all Eklund-esque...tell us about the problem, the girl, the rift..even the drugs..goddamn it stop pussyfooting around. If a reporter witnesses something, or has sources report it. After all, all sources are protected..so they say..the ONE time in the New York Times excluded..ah but the great libel God is in the sky..well if everyone in town knows, like our old goalie, say something for Christ's sake...what? what's that? Oh a libel suit might mean the end to your cushy gig...Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! I'd be a shame to see that 12 on a par 4 off the course, and the Parlimantary-wife leave...fat-ass...darn it I named a name!!!..sorta..see you at the Prescott


  4. Craig: erinnicks@yahoo.ca

    The Universal Cynic