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That's what NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly told Dan Tencer last night on Edmonton's 630 AM radio.

"I think that this been kind of twisted in a negative way, which is unfortunate for Dany. I think he's just a victim of a bad set of circumstances," said Kelly about Heatley, who requested a trade earlier in the off-season.

"While it is true that he requested a trade, it was not Dany Heatley or his agent that made that fact public. I think Dany's been unfairly treated by the media and by the (Senators) organization."

Want some icing on that cake? Alrighty then, try this:

"I know that Dany doesn't harbour any ill will towards Edmonton and, in fact, would seriously consider playing for the Edmonton Oilers."

Read more and download Tencer's entire interview with Kelly here.

1 response to "Dany Heatley: Victim?"

  1. Paul Kelly needs to know that Canadian fans aren't stupid. Heatley twice turned down a deal to Edmonton - precisely whom did he think he was fooling? I understand spin -- I have written it my whole life. There's a world of difference, though, between spin (defined as dressing up the truth in its best suit and tie) and flat out lying to people.

    Dennis Prouse