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For those of you who don't follow Martin Havlat on Twitter, you're missing out. Havlat initially indicated unhappiness with not being able to re-sign with the Blackhawks, and wrote that the "real story about what happened in Chicago (was) to come out", and that "there's something to be said for loyalty and honor." Now today, there's this:

"I guess everyone saw what happened to (Blackhawks GM) Dale Tallon....yes, the story is starting to come out but it's just the tip of the iceberg."

"Lot's (sic) of people are telling me to stay quiet but shouldn't the fans know the truth? It's your loyalty, season ticket money and emotions here."

So will Martin be able to spill, and better yet, can he do it in 140 characters or less?

Stay tuned -- you can follow the drama here.

P.S.: Scotty Wazz over at The Strangest One Of All has chimed in with his thoughts -- definitely worth checking out.

2 responses to "Martin Havlat and the Airing Of Grievances"

  1. chicago signing hossa for 12 years was the biggest joke of them all. btw, i see you are from thunder bay, ontario. i know someone who works out of thunder bay on the canadien pacific railroad. his father is a hockey coach who definitely knows the staals.


  2. I guess you could give Heatley a Twitter account, but I'm not sure there are any characters for monosyllabic grunts.

    It's refreshing to see an athlete be so open about stuff that is usually so closed door, but let's be clear as to the motivation. Like any elite athlete, Havlat has a healthy ego, and he is ticked about not feeling the love from the Hawks at contract time. Respect, of course, means seeing the Benjamins. If Havlat had received the 12 year deal instead of Hossa, somehow I think he would have found the Tallon dismissal easier to take.

    BTW, it's a shame that Tallon won't be at the GM's meetings now. Who is going to explain the complicated stuff to Garth Snow?

    Dennis Prouse