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Worth passing on: The Driver insists that Nick Foligno looks like a Furby. Over-under on when the blog begins referring to him only as "Furbligno"? 48 hours. Get your action down now.

Two players, each with seven goals a piece. One is being paid 6-million dollars this year; the other will be getting $850,000. The difference goes towards heart, PK time, churchiness and tabloid titillation.

(Aside: Please don't give me a headache by turning this into something it's not. I know they're not the same player. I just find it hilarious that they have equal goal totals right now.)

Look at those odds. All that hard-fought tanking, and for what? Suck harder, damnit! (Yeah, yeah...I know. That line will be filming outdoors on a bare mattress in the San Fernando Valley this weekend. Come one, come all. OK, I'll just stop it here. Gimme a break -- it's Friday.)

The Toby Jug or the Cup of Demons? This picture was taken during the recent Florida-Toronto game. Now you know how Jacques has been weaseling his way into the playoff race: He's gone pure evil.

(Ed. Note: Thanks to Jason for the photo.)

Other miscellaneous crap...

- Interesting to watch the Senators play last night as if they actually gave a damn (emphasis on the first word of the sentence). And yes, I know Brian Elliott made some choice saves -- including in the shootout -- but mark my words: He is not the guy. He cowers too far in the back of the net, the positioning is questionable...and that's just for starters. For the record, you can put Sens goaltending coach Eli Wilson in the same category as Greg Carvel. Can someone explain why he's still here?

- Oh, check this out: Furbligno (hope you got your bets down in time) moved his feet on the PP, and good things happened. 15, you might want to take that down for future reference. Just saying.

- Finally, you can consider the following as your weekend Chewable...here, let me get the photo up so it feels official:

There we go.

Olympic champion Michael Phelps' recent public rendezvous with the bong has resulted in at least one sponsor cutting ties with him. Kellogg's announced yesterday that they were not renewing their contract with the swimmer.

Now I'm just hypothesizing here based on what I've heard, but isn't cereal one of the ultimate stoner foods? Sure, people might have a bad trip and put gravy on it instead of milk*, but along with Doritos and Cool Whip, I thought it was right up there. And just for the record, Kellogg's isn't trying to kill your buzz by only producing cereals like All-Bran and Corn Flakes. Did you know they're the ones behind Froot Loops? That cereal virtually screams, "burnout". They also make something called "Mini Swirlz". I don't know what those are, but they sound trippy. Do those go better with E? Do people still do E? I'll shut up now. Long story short: If I'm Phelps' PR man, I march into Kellogg's tomorrow to tell them that his client was attempting to identify with some of their loyal consumers.

Have a good weekend, cynics. More later.


*I know what you're thinking. No, definitely not. But in high school, my best friend got kind of messed up one night and proceeded to jam a miniature statue of St. Jude up her nose (just the head) -- but that's only when she wasn't eating Miracle Whip straight out of the jar with her hands. Kids, don't do drugs.

5 responses to "Leftovers"

  1. I was there last night, and there were some definite signs of life out there. You could almost say that the Senators deserved a better fate, as they badly outplayed a tired Bruins team in the second half of the game. I was proud of their effort, and there haven't been many nights you could say that in 08-09. They will beat Buffalo Saturday if they bring that same game.

    Everyone loves to dump all over the big three, as they are the ones drawing the fat salaries. Still, the reality for Ottawa is that the big line is the only one capable of generating sustained offense for the team. Alfie had almost a third of the team's total shots on goal by himself, fer cryin' out loud. The way they are going right now, guys like Neil, Schubert and Ruutu could play another two seasons without coming close to scoring a goal. This club's lack of secondary scoring is appalling, and there is nothing Cory Clouston can do to change that. (Other than one big hit, Neil did NOTHING last night. Hopefully they can turn him into a pick at the deadline from someone who is under the mistaken impression Neil can still play in the NHL.)

    I do think, though, that Clouston will make some progress over these last thirty games in making this team a lot more cohesive. He is an impressively prepared guy who knows the game inside and out, that's for sure. When I hear him talk, I kind of see a younger Andy Murray.

    Oh, and when your first set of defensemen on the powerplay are Kuba and Bell, you are officially hurting. (Let's not even talk about how slow and unathletic Jason Smith is. Yo, Bryan, did you ever wonder why the Flyers didn't bother to try to re-sign him?) I find myself agreeing with Pierre McGuire now in that if both Tavares and Hedman are available, the Senators simply have to go with positional need and take the defenceman.

    Dennis Prouse

  2. Who keeps gravy in the fridge?? "Leftovers" are a concept with which I am unfamiliar...

    Oh, and I'm totally swiping "Furbligno".

    Senators Lost Cojones

  3. SLC, that's a deal...if I get to use the Pat Quinn Party Bus (or if I get saucy enough, the original version of that line). You think a woman could pull that off? Ack.

    The Universal Cynic

  4. "The difference goes towards heart, PK time, churchiness and tabloid titillation."

    We can quickly resolve that by setting Foligno up with Taylor Swift.

    I'm ashamed I know who that is.

    Cherry Bomb

  5. TUC: Done and done. Let us celebrate our arrangement with the adding of chocolate to milk.

    Pull off the original? Absolutely. Women are just as capable as any man of enunciating mind-searing and disturbing images. That's why we gave you the vote.

    Or...as is my understanding.

    Senators Lost Cojones