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Yeah, so I know this'll go over about as well as your wife's/significant other's flannel onesie on Saturday night, but here's the thing...

A handful of games in which the Sens appear, well, relatively effective, is a good thing -- no one's debating that here. But can we all calm down in regards to players like Brian Elliott and Brendan Bell? The way some are going on about Elliott, you'd think they were fantasizing about getting a rubdown with that hot glove hand of his. As I pointed out to the OBC last night, many goaltenders have seen bright moments in this town before crashing and burning. There's absolutely no harm in letting him play out the string -- it'll help him get a feel for the big leagues, and it likely won't hamper his development. That being said, you'll have to excuse me if I don't feel like he deserves a Vezina nomination just yet. History does NOT run in this kid's favour. Credit to him if he beats the odds, but I'm not betting on it. Just saying.

As for Bell -- yes, it's all very lovely that the Sens are getting offensive production from someone on a two-way contract, but given the Sens' overall defensive woes, I think we need to keep it in perspective. A team that considers Brendan Bell as its potential power play QB of the future is a team in desperate need of a blueline makeover.

Well, that's all for this week. Expect things to be quiet around here for the next couple of days -- The Driver and I have plans this weekend (I'm expecting Chris Cuthbert imitations over dinner), but meet us back here on Monday, when the OBC will be hooking up a live blog for the game vs. Nashville. Topics on the agenda include SLC's burlesque house etiquette, the possible re-emergence of Antoine Vermette and whether it's acceptable to bark at the powerhouse actor known as Colm Feore. Trust us, it'll all make sense if you show up.

More later.

3 responses to "Down with the humpfest"

  1. Oh for the love of... Look, TUC, for the last time, all I said was that I couldn't understand why pants couldn't be optional! It's a burlesque house!!

    Senators Lost Cojones

  2. Optional schmoptional. How do you expect to maintain the dry tentiness?

    P.S.: Bring a towel on Monday. I don't want a repeat of Al's moisture from last night. *shudder*

    The Universal Cynic

  3. I would agree that you don't want to anoint Elliott as the Next One yet, largely because the Senators have never really had a Current One or Past One. He had a tough night in Minnesota on Saturday, proving that he is indeed mortal.

    Having said that, I am not sure if anyone really has a clue on how to evaluate and develop goaltenders in this league anymore. Go check out the top goalies in the league stat-wise on nhl.com. The collection of no-names at the top of the list is incredible. European free agents like Rinne, guys who have bounced around four different organizations (Conklin), career backups (Clemmensen), you name it. The top goalie in the league is a 34 year old road hockey goalie (Thomas) who didn't break into the league as a regular until three seasons ago. Boston fluked out on him, plain and simple, proving that a lot of the alleged "brilliant team building" that sports geek cherish is really just dumb luck.

    At the same time, a number of "name" goalies like Cam Ward, Price and Kiprusoff are having pretty mediocre seasons. Price is the most interesting case. A year ago, he was the toast of hockey, and people were wondering if he might be the starter for Canada in 2010. Now, he is melting down, and looks like he couldn't stop a beach ball. Go figure.

    In that light, I don't think we should over analyze Elliott and his play. Enjoy it, keep playing him, and cross your fingers that he can keep it up. It's about all you can do.

    Dennis Prouse