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(Ed. Note: That title's umlaut-y goodness pleases me to no end.)

Two tickets for the game vs. San Jose (Section 102): $286

Valet parking: $30

Expressing monumental relief after realizing that minus concessions and tips, I didn't pay a cent to watch that game: Priceless.

Two rounds of Trooper, Stu being forced to explain the Kiss Cam to fans and a crowd of 17,000 and change who truly behaved as if they couldn't give a damn. Stay out of the building, kids. It's a bad scene.

P.S.: Just a heads-up here -- I'll be spending the trade deadline surfing the ice floes around Alex Auld's camp (that's "cottage" for you non-Lakehead types). It's safe to assume I'll be happier if Schubert and Neil get the boot -- goodnight now, Manschettenknopf* and Pee-Wee Toe Drag. It's been real.

More later.


*Yes, I called him "cufflink". It's one of the few German words I know. Don't ask.

2 responses to "Is Magnus Svensson Pääjärvi here yet?"

  1. Neil will fetch nothing more than a third round pick. Had he been healthy the last few weeks, they might have been able to pump up his value somewhat, but now? Forget it. Schubert is just a spare part - he might get claimed on waivers, but no one will actually give something of value for him.

    Let's be clear - the Senators would be nuts to re-sign Neil. He fits the exact profile of a declining asset - a power forward hitting the age of 30, thus becoming increasingly injury prone and losing what little touch around the net he once had. Guys who play Neil's style are very effective when they are younger, but it doesn't make for a long career. Paying big money for a third line, soon to be fourth line grinder is silly. Cody Bass can easily step into the slot occupied by Neil on the depth chart. Fortunately, it appears as if Bryan Murray knows this.

    Dennis Prouse

  2. Oh, and you were spon on about Elliott. He was simply dreadful tonight against the Leafs. The tying and winning goals were ones that you expect a Junior B goalie to stop.

    Dennis Prouse