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A couple of bits that don't fit anywhere else right now. Enjoy.

Ah, the leftover remnants of a Senators fan, desperate for attention during a Tuesday night shootout (literally) vs. the Devils. Keep in mind that the game was broadcast by Sportsnet, but who's counting? And can we please talk about fan behaviour during shootouts? From Butterknife Row, I was able to catch people literally squatting -- they would stand up and cheer the player's announcement (Dany Heatley or similar), but then seemed unsure if they should remain standing, or to sit back down. It (almost) goes without saying that all fans should be a) still in the building and b) on their feet the entire time during the shootout process. Why do I have to keep telling you these things? Aren't you people from "Hockey Country"?

If you witnessed that Renegades Town Hall meeting on A-Channel yesterday, you know why I'm posting this picture. Renegades head coach John Jenkins has drawn comparisons to Ric Flair and Bill Cosby (mostly due to aesthetic reasons), but now you can throw Hank Hill's name into the mix as well. I swear to God, I've never heard a three-dimensional figure utter the words, "I tell you what". But Jenkins did. Multiple times. Combine that, with his brilliant idea to save the Renegades: Jenkins wants to have a telethon. I Dr. Phil-ed for a good two minutes when he said that. This 25-minute broadcast broke the Unintentional Comedy meter. (The previous record was held by any time Liam Maguire chose "reply all" to the group emails that Josh sends out. Liam actually writes "brother" and "g'day" in his missives. It's a legitimate Valley persona. Damnit, that kills me.)

According to the A-Channel's breakdown of "important dates" on the 'Gades calendar, April 4th has been listed as "Drop Dead Day". Guess when the Lynx are holding Media Day?


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