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I returned from SoCal early Tuesday morning, and I'm still a bit torched. I'm now on my way out to the valley (sigh) to pick up Peanut, whom I missed dearly during my travels. I spent most of yesterday sleeping, catching up on television (24, PTI etc.). I also managed to watch most of the game (Arnason invisible for the majority...way to help the Leafs). Alternatively, I could blame Tampa Bay for not putting in a greater effort in order to ensure them coming out with at least a point. Some fan I am. And what the hell's wrong with the Rangers? They've been unable to right the ship since the break.

Jesus...I'm babbling. Anyway, long story short...the Deglaze is delayed until next week and will return to its usual position on Monday.

P.S. I watched The Sopranos in San Diego and wasn't that impressed. 24, on the other hand, appears to have a death quota to fill. Ryan Chappelle had such an emotional death two seasons ago, meanwhile Tony, who's been part of the series since the first season, gets the needle. Seriously? I'm hoping the entire cast goes into "whisper quiet" mode as a tribute.

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