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My favourite sights during tonight's game vs. Pittburgh:

3) A fan in section 119 sporting an 'O6 home jersey with the phrase, "Git-R-Done";

2) An entire Sens home audience giving a standing ovation to the CIS Champion Carleton Ravens Men's basketball team (you know Death Cluster in Vegas would've loved that -- I was completely nonplussed);

1) A fan in section 120 with a giant prop box of tissues labeled "Crosby Kleenex".

My favourite sight that I missed:

There was a drunk guy in the standing section of 318 -- when I went down to visit The Driver, he kept mentioning how irritating he was. Said drunk guy peeled off in the middle of the 3rd, and streaked the entire section before heading to the concourse where he was subsequently nabbed. And the coup de grĂ¢ce? His friends took off with his clothes.

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