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Bolstered by the mainstream use of 24 lingo (see Simmons' Friday mailbag) it's quite probable that Sundin was crying "Flank 2", or rather "Flank -2" after the money shot that the Sens dropped on the Leafs at the SBP.

(Flank -2, 'cause Mats lacks the help on either side. Get it? Oh, bloody hell...)

Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to slag the Leafs this Sunday, or a more appropriate chance to drop a drastic, yet legitimate idea on the delusional Leafs Nation.

Naturally, they didn't take to it too kindly:

"I'll will put this simply: Are you NUTS?! Win 5 in a row, they are cup bound. Lose 5 in a row, time to dismantle the team. Streaks happen in sports, get over it."

And that's one of the more objective responses.

What do these fans want? What did they expect? With the loss of Roberts and Nieuwendyk came a softness that this team hasn't experienced in years. JFJ assembled a bloated, patchwork offense that can't capitalize, let alone string together a number of victories. Their defense is hideous, and their No. 1 goaltender is bordering on octogenerian territory. Wouldn't it stand to reason to take their most habitually valuable player and get something for him while they can? The likelihood of the Leafs making the playoffs is growing slimmer by the day. JFJ would have to do something drastic in order to save his job. The chances of them pulling off a trade that could improve their situation in the short term is unlikely, but it would ultimately benefit them in the long term. No doubt about it.

1 response to "Sundin: "I'm in a Flank -2 position""

  1. They didn't get much for Gilmour when they unloaded him to Jersey years ago, just Alyn McAuley Steve Sullivan and some front row seats to Springsteen at the Byrne. They can't do worse this time. I think Philly is in the market for under-achieving European forwards with bloated salaries. I hope they stand still actually, I'm enjoying their downfall too much. The trouble is, they have so many issues, pinpoiting one for a quick fix would be like burning the house down to get the flies out of the kitchen. To boot, Ferguson's Zippo is dryer than Quinn's humour. Long live the drought!