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...Seeing as that the guys on the pre-game show went on about Ray Emery's new mask for 25 minutes tonight.

Here's the scoop: Ray has added a new mask to his collection, and the latest motif includes an artist's rendering of Mike Tyson. Now to be fair, Ray has had other boxers on his mask in the past, including Jack Johnson.

But that wasn't enough to stem the criticism of the round table, who questioned Ray's choice of "role models" and what type of message he was sending to the younger fans.

First of all -- if you can find me a child under the age of 10 that even knows who Mike Tyson is, I'll be shocked. Second of all, were people more concerned with what someone like Ron Hextall wore on his mask, as opposed to his psychotic behaviour on the ice?

Ray hasn't had one of his infamous meltdowns since he made the permanent move from Binghamton up to Ottawa. I'm always more concerned with how a player performs on the ice, as opposed to his personal preferences off of it. And doesn't that opinion hold some weight, considering I'm a female with a very strong opinion about Mike Tyson?

Furthermore, it's believed that the club and/or the league, may have a problem with this choice, similar to the incident a couple of weeks ago when Emery chose to dye his hair blond, and then quickly reverted back to black. Then there was the issue of Ray's tattoos, which also garnered an unfavourable review.

Who's running this team? George Steinbrenner?

Look -- I'm inclined to believe (and it's been stated several times) that Emery is a different cat. He's been having a difficult time of it lately -- he is making his first start tonight since January 7, when he was pulled after sacrificing 4 goals in 12 shots. Wouldn't his confidence be assisted if he was truly allowed to be himself?

I think the media is reading entirely too much into this. Watch them all trip out over the "magical" mask if Ray pulls off a win tonight.

P.S. I can't explain the photo. I just liked it. And admit it -- you were shocked to see that Tyson could carry Maradona. You'll be pondering that for a while.

1 response to "Apparently we have nothing else to talk about..."

  1. Apparently...the Bruins love the mask! Now tell me...was that the easiest ever shutout (!) for Tim Thomas? The Sens ought to downtone the cockiness a notch before it bites them from behind. Did Bryan Murray mention any bets made from the bench tonight? My crystal ball can see him two years from now, behind the NY Islanders bench, of all hellholes, having to repeat Asham, Yashin and Kvasha ten times per game.