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Craig Hartsburg -- the coach who kinda looked like a poor man's Dicky Barrett -- has been given the boot.

Two thoughts here:

1) Does Melnyk think he can coach and/or is he going to make the next hire himself;

2) Who does Greg Carvel have naked pictures of? According to my math, this is move No. 4 he's going to skate through. How is he not part of the problem?

More to come as this hot mess develops throughout the day. Stay tuned.

UPDATE #1: Garrioch says Cory Clouston is taking over. Jeebus help us all if this is true. Best take on TUC's texts so far: "(Cory) Clouston is Hartsburg without the personality."

: Darren Dreger is reporting on the FAN 590 that Clouston will be given the interim tag. Remind me again why they're doing this?

UPDATE #3: We're hearing rumblings of Pat Quinn (and no, not his stomach). Apparently he named was dropped last night within the inner sanctum as the knife fell. True? No? Stay tuned.

UPDATE #4: Alrighty then -- press conference done. Much obliged for the softball q's, boys. Sheesh. So here's the synopsis: Murray says that Clouston -- yes, it's him -- is here until the end of the year. Murray said he did this, basically to assess the performance level of the players currently in Ottawa uniforms. Claims there's still "big decisions to be made". Pfft. Probably the most interesting thing the GM said was this: Mr. Eugene is NOT pulling the strings -- he allowed Murray to make the choice, and that there were some choice veteran names he "was thinking about". Murray wanted Clouston (whose name he does not know how to pronounce, by the way) because he "knows our players and prospects" and can get "maximum performance" out of them. "Cory earned this...he deserves this", Murray later added. Damn dude, what the hell did you do in Binghamton to be thrown into such a mess? For the record, Cory insists he's "not a player's coach". Does it even matter any more? He also added that he's been "pigeon-holed as a defensive-minded coach", but that isn't true either. You know, because that would be really bad, given the current situation.

I'm really surprised no one stepped up to ask what Clouston has that the veterans do not. (More naked pictures, perhaps?) Anyone have an answer for that? As for Quinn, does this mean he's truthfully out of the picture? Melnyk was practically dry-humping him at the WJC's. Has the relationship cooled, or does he want his boy to start fresh next year...with a clean slate perhaps?

Let the mania continue, cynics. More later.

7 responses to "Dum-dum-dum"

  1. You've got to be kidding me. What a disaster. They fire Hartburg to bring in a guy who has never coached a game in the NHL? Unreal. Tortorella, Quinn and Crawford are all available, and we hire Cory Clawson. Yeah, that will get the attention of the veterans.

    It's painfully obvious that Murray doesn't want any competition for the ear of his owner. After all, Murray successfully knifed Muckler, so he sure doesn't want a coach around who could return the favour.


  2. Please marry me Erin!

    Curt S

  3. If this is Curt Harnett, bring your bike and Pert Plus shampoo...then we'll talk further...

    The Universal Cynic

  4. Hey!! Just make sure he has money first. BTW you + Curt Harnett = 100% compatibility.


  5. Given Melnyk's open man crush on Quinn, it is indeed strange not to see him here. He desperately wants back in the NHL, and for all the talk of wanting to, "wait for the right opportunity", unemployed coaches will usually crawl over broken glass to get to an open NHL job.

    If there is any kind of strategy at play here in hiring Dave Allison, errr, I mean Cory Clawson, I would love to know what it is. The notion that Heatley and Spezza will look at this guy, respect him, and want to play for him is hilarious. Quinn? You bet. Tortorella? Maybe. A junior coach who spent a year and a half in Bingo? You have to be kidding me.


  6. Sadly no, though my hair does have good shine and hold. Also, I have the good fortune of not being in my 50s (as I assume a '94 olympian would be) so I've gotta think that's weighing in my favour...

    Curt S

  7. @ Anon:

    Murray's strategy is pretty obvious. He won't hire someone that threatens his position. Pat Quinn could do to him as he did to Muckler. Clouston is simply a lame-duck hire.