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No, I didn't write this. But I do love it.

Again, this is a cluster of posts from the period when the Senators thought they should (or rather, could get away with) charging their fans for games on pay-per-view. I got into a fair amount of trouble for these posts, both with the Ottawa Senators and Sun Media. In hindsight it doesn't seem like such a big deal, but at the time it surely wasn't pleasant. I didn't have to come down on them as hard as I did, but I was vehemently against their decision and took serious issue with the product. Of course, the blog is a looser format, and so I took advantage of that fact. Me and my mouth...err...fingers.

I'd like to think that I helped make a difference during this period - the Sens and media are constantly lurking around here for some bloody reason or other - but c'mon...I'm just a dumb girl blogger. [Insert picture of Malibu Stacy hunched over a laptop] Special acknowledgment goes to Rob Brodie, who stuck by me the whole time. He's good people.

Here are the most controversial posts from the Senators' short and sour PPV era:

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2 responses to "TUC Top 10 - No. 9: The Ottawa Senators' pay-per-view debacle"

  1. Arg, I posted a novel and it got lost.

    The Coles Notes:

    i)Ottawans are cheap
    ii)Because of i, it's going to take a great product to get their money.
    iii)Senators are too complacent in getting our bucks, they need to try harder.
    iv)HD was a fiasco
    v)Need more incentives to get fan money when competing against other entertainment options.
    vi)Mlakar leaving was a blow...the guy had people skills that Murray and Leeder lack. I know I spent more because he was a great snake oil salesman.
    vii)Get a new scoreboard already, the one we have is brutal.
    viii)Stop taxing premium games, people can just stay at home and watch in HD.
    ix)Shuttles to games please, above the abhorrent OC Transpo. Call Big Man Chappy and ask them how it's/was done.

    Great read! It was hell getting a refund for those PPV games.


  2. Sorry Erin, I meant PPV was a fiasco; serves me right to type while in a hurry.