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As TUC welcomes our visitors from Kukla's Korner, we realized there will be numerous inside references that are foreign to new readers -- hence this glossary. Surely we must've left a few things out, so watch for this list to grow in the near future.

Angelina Jolie -- Sidney Crosby (on account of his lips)
BR -- Bad Religion
Binkie -- Bryan Smolinski
Boosh -- (to) hit
Butterknife Row -- press box
Cotton Hill (a.k.a. Shin Jelly) -- Peter Forsberg (there's not enough space to explain this one -- just click here.)
(The) Count/Count Von Count -- Colby Armstrong
Gangrel -- Mats Sundin
(To) Get down -- place a bet
Jackie O -- Lou Lamoriello (on account of his wide-set eyes)
Lakehead Boy -- a player hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario
Land of Staalapalooza -- Thunder Bay, Ontario
(The) Manatee (a.k.a. The Swiss Sea Cow) -- Martin Gerber (on account of his sweeping overhead glove saves which reminded me of the manatees I swam with in Central Florida during a trip in '07)
Paul Bearer -- Ken Hitchcock
Paulie Walnuts -- Marc Crawford
Pea Soup -- Bryan Murray (it came out in a PPV feature that it's his favourite type of soup)
Scott Norwood Section (a.k.a. Team Scott Norwood/The Other TSN) -- freelance sportswriters who sit in the far-right section of the Senators' press box
(Annika) Sorenstam's Brother -- Daniel Alfredsson
The Driver -- TUC's long-time boyfriend (he wants to post, but is perpetually denied permission due to my fear of him filling the blog with San Diego Chargers propaganda)
Throwing gang signs -- when a member of the television media grasps their microphone while sticking out one or more fingers in an awkward fashion
Toby Jug -- Jacques Martin
Verbal humping -- When a media member praises a player or team to excess