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Apologies for our absence -- The Driver and I were out in Winnipeg for a wedding (not ours), and yours truly served as a bridesmaid (cease your snickering). My partner for the event beared somewhat of a resemblance to Ryan Getzlaf, which was a little odd. I would've made mention of it, but he was from Connecticut and didn't appear to know much about the NHL. (I didn't even need to add that last part of the sentence, did I?)

Anyway, there's a few things rolling around in our head at the moment -- we just got back from the Sens' development camp, and well...the word "crapfest" was being thrown around a lot. Also have some belated thoughts on McGrattAn's departure/Spezza's future. In short, expect a Deglaze in the next 12 hours.

More later.