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15 days until the Draft. Just saying.

How about Scott Oake referencing Darren McCarty's substance abuse issues in front of his children? I put that on par with Elliotte Friedman asking Crosby if he was satisfied after the Penguins clinched the Eastern conference. Both were total head-in-hands moments, albeit for different reasons.

Your "f*cking right" on camera this year came courtesy of Henrik Zetterberg. And they say the Euros don't care about the Cup.

A little bit of weirdness: I went check out ESPN.com's post-game coverage -- I hovered my cursor over the on-ice team photo on the front page, and received a click-prompt. It took me to this. Just had to sneak some football in there somewhere, I guess.

CBC's disco montage at the end made my bloody teeth hurt. Definitely the wrong note to send viewers out on. Still going to miss Bob Cole, though. And one final thing -- what was with Don Cherry and the stuffed animals/puppets this year? It was like he was morphing into The Friendly Giant.

Speaking of which...

Now that's how you end a night on the CBC. More later.