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Forgive me if Earl McRae's recent column on Brian McGrattan is incapable of sending this blogger into a weepy, estrogen-driven mess. The most baffling bits:

The demeaning word "goon" does not apply to Brian McGrattan. Enforcer, yes.

He is not without playing skill beyond his fists...It's McGrattan's misfortune he is not playing in a past era when tough guys with enough playing skill were prime assets. In today's more physical Western Conference, he'd likely be a third or fourth line regular. If professional attitude was all the game was about, he'd be an NHL first-team all-star.

(throwing up hands) I don't even know where to begin with that. Perhaps you should read the rest -- and if anyone can explain why I'm supposed I'm supposed to feel compassion for a benchwarmer who serves little purpose...well, you know where to find me.