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Let's see what the good doctor has to say about this:

Yeah, break the guilty trammels from yesteryear
Remember how the pain of failure makes it all clear
The lowly opportunists take commanding roles
And hock ultimatums so their weakness won't show
The sad reflection of dead ambition
You live for nothing

Expectation, indoctrination
Life's a damnation -- submission complete
Dying on your feet
Submission complete
A total defeat

-- Submission Complete (BR)

(I KNEW I'd have a chance to break that out.)

Guess what? It isn't too early for seppuku jokes.

Only this team would get on the board first, then proceed to squander all momentum with giveaways, repeated penalties and a lack of skating. The Driver was already offered tickets for Game 4. Asking price? A dollar.

So, the captain was back and he couldn't save them -- how are we going to spin this one? Look at it this way: One more game, then the exodus can begin...and that will be far more interesting than what we're being forced to watch.

Crosby scores one goal, and the Sens shut it down. How do you justify that? You can't. They don't deserve to be here. They never did.

I think I speak for all Sens fans when I say: Stop wasting our bloody time, Ottawa. You're not worth it. Not this year.