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Which high-ranked player has decided that he's worthy of superstar treatment before he reaches the NHL?

Oh, those junior boys. When they show a spark, the grateful masses are willing to kowtow to them, and perhaps even break the law. You'd think said players would show a little low-key gratitude. Think again.

Nothing really new under the sun here. A local bar is looking the other way while this underage shining star (and his teammates) enjoy a few cocktails. After all, when the flashbulbs go off around this kid in June, the joint can say they knew him when. Let's just hope they don't say it to a police officer.

Anyway, our young friend was recently spotted at his watering hole of choice, and apparently he wasn't in the mood for a quiet night. When he asked a busy employee who was not tending the bar for drinks, he was politely instructed to ask the bartender (who was in the immediate vicinity) for help. Well, that reply didn't sit well at all.

"Do you know who I am? I am the biggest mother(expletive) in here. If I want alcohol I will go behind the bar and take it myself," the player said. The employee once again explained the situation. No dice. "Seriously, man, I will knock you out," the player replied. Hmmm -- perhaps he was going to take a page from a recent teammate of his who's been in the news lately?

The employee quickly removed himself from the situation, but our boy wasn't done with him for the night.

Last call at the establishment came and went -- the star decided he needed more booze. He demanded that the employee serve him a beer. He's denied. The place has been emptied out of its alcohol for that night. The employee is reminded by the player of his status and adds that "(he) doesn't even pay for drinks (here)." It's worth mentioning that he felt the need to get in the employee's face to relay this information. Once again, he's turned away.

"I know for a fact there's booze back there," the player shouted -- and he was off. He shoved his way into a staff area where he managed to get his hands on a 26 oz. bottle of vodka. He was determined to flee with it, but was pulled back by his friends and out of the bar...sans liquor. As for the bar, they're likely to keep playing dumb. Why would they stop now?

Like I said -- nothing new under the sun, especially on this side of the border. We've all heard these tales, yet many continue to be swept under the rug. Why? Because the media loves to the sell the image of squeaky-clean, bright-eyed boys entering the NHL, filled with awe, innocence and humility. Don't you believe it. It's just a little something to remember, when you see many cameras focusing in on this kid -- and countless others -- at the 2010 Entry Draft.

More later.

8 responses to "Blind Item: The Ego Edition"

  1. To those who doubt the worth of this blog I give you this post! I come here for the things I won't get elsewhere. If you want MSM pandering please go elsewhere instead of just complaining their isn't enough blind faith going on here.

    Dany Heatley Speedwagon

  2. Thank you, B.

    Congratulations to all who correctly guessed the BI with relative ease (why you did it via e-mail is anyone's guess, but whatever -- always nice to hear from you lot). The main consensus seemed to be: "X looks like an a-hole, so I'm going to guess it's him." Bravo, cynics. I can't wait to see if he plays the sweetness and light card this June.

    The Universal Cynic

  3. So you are hating on people and the media turning a blind eye, yet refuse to name said player?

    Sounds like your part of the problem, not the solution.

    Hyprocrite alert

    Arvedson's Spleen

  4. Not wanting to be sued for libel? Yeah, that's always problematic. I don't see anyone else even bothering to bring you this information or similar, AS, so how it makes me a hypocrite is beyond my comprehension.

    The Universal Cynic

  5. Can it be considered libel if it's true?


  6. Without substantial physical evidence, someone will claim libel, because it's one person's word against another. Believe me, I've seen it happen. That being said, my source is rock-solid (I know that sounds like a cliche, but I wouldn't have put this out there if I thought otherwise).

    The Universal Cynic

  7. Excuses excuses.

    Your whole point is the media won't point out the kids behavior and then you do the same which makes you a hypocrite.

    I hate people who hide behind anonymous sources.

    I swear it's true, no really it is with no proof and no willingness to say who.

    Besides what are they going to sue you for? Your millions.

    Stick to your story and go all the way or don't bother. Don't chicken out when it's time to name names.

    Arvedson's Spleen

  8. "Your whole point is the media won't point out the kids behavior and then you do the same which makes you a hypocrite."

    That was not my point. My point was to inform you about an unflattering story that hadn't been told. As for the media's end of it, my issue regarding them involved their constant desire to build these kids into pseudo-deities, long before they arrived in the NHL. If I thought the media ignored every bad thing a junior player did, that would be a problem. But I didn't say that, so I would appreciate if you didn't put words in my mouth.

    You seem to be the only person who has an issue with the blind item, AP, so maybe you should do yourself a favour and not read the blog. Furthermore, I find it incredibly hilarious that you're so offended by my lack of "going all the way" and "chickening out when it's time to name names." You're the one who's hiding behind a pseudonym on the Internet. I'm the one using my real name, and I will be interviewing this kid in June at the Entry Draft in L.A. Tell you what -- give me your real name, and I'll give you the story with all the info filled in. Then you can put it online yourself, and find out whether or not litigation due to libel is just a monetary issue. Me? Well, I'll keep my millions, thanks.

    The Universal Cynic