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Can anyone tell me why this is acceptable:

DON BRENNAN: Speaking of being on the road, I'm on my way to Frisby tires on just 3O of them. Excuse me a second. "HEY LADY. DON'T LEAN ON YOUR HORN AND SCOWL AT ME. THERE'S A REASON I'M DRIVING SLOWLY, YOU B---H." I don't see the Spezza and Alfredsson injuries slowing the local heroes down too much. They can plod along well enough to stay in the thick of things playing the Little General's system.

Just thought I'd ask.

6 responses to "Random question of the day"

  1. I love legitimate journalism!

    Dany Heatley Speedwagon

  2. The Ottawa hockey scribblers used to frustrate me. Now they just make me sad. They're not even trying anymore.

    (I nearly jumped in front of a bus when I first read a reference to "Chocolate" Leclaire. Because that's what passes for wit in this city.)

    Tao of Stieb

  3. The only "Wit" some people have is Mill Street's Belgian-style beer.


  4. Yeah I saw that and was...wow.

    But, I guess Tim Baines and Rick Gibbons are ok with misogyny as long as it sells newspapers.


  5. Tim Baines gets absolutely giddy writing about wrestling... as an adult. He's certainly not going to reign in Mr. Don.

    That four-person exchange is always unreadable. I just skip it.


  6. Multiple people were involved in this being written and printed. I can understand if it was all written and printed by the same person, but more than 4 people thought this was a good idea. Alarming to say the least. I don't even get it.