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(I actually took this photo during the New Jersey series. There was an inordinate amount of people dressed up last night, including a ton with painted faces and body parts -- everyone looked as if they overdid it on the Mystic Tan. I was freaked out by the fact that the painting seemingly had no age limit. There were plenty of older men painted up who would normally be seen during the 6 am rush at Cora's.)

Okay, okay...I'm here. I was at the game last night, and was up quite late (no, not because of that -- I was trying to clear some space on my DVR). A few things:

- I hope that A Channel's Ken Evraire doesn't coach a children's team of any sort, because his motivation skills really leave something to be desired. I was standing in the Red Zone with The Driver while checking out the festivities. At one point, Evraire appeared onstage with a microphone and said, "There are going to be some bad bounces that come Ottawa's way, and Buffalo are going to score some goals. Don't get your hopes up. Keep focused!" The Driver and I looked at each other as if to say, "Did that just happen?"

- How much more of a hint do you need that Daniel Alfredsson is a different guy? He did the post-game conference with his four-year-old son on his lap (who looks a lot like him, by the way).

- Gwen Stefani and the Senators are currently 2-for-2. The Sweet Escape was played before the sequence that led to Alfie's goal. My phone went nuts afterwards. Finger on the pulse, people! Now if only the team would play it more often.

- I overheard Daniel Briere being absolutely torched by some out-of-town media who were from one of cities where Briere is rumoured to end up after UFA. They ripped him to shreds, and that's before he's even changed jerseys into something more familiar.

- I was part of a rare phenomenon known as the Random Elevator Mock. I took a packed elevator down from the 4th level after the game. At one point, it stopped and opened its doors...to two lone Buffalo fans. It was like the world's slowest mocking drive-by. The doors parted, everyone laughed at and booed the Sabres fans for 12 seconds, the doors closed again and we were gone.

- I saw a rally cap/helmet movement being attempted on one of the Buffalo message boards last night, and 95% of the respondents were getting ready to plan their golfing season. Wow, they really are turning into us.

More later.