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Rob Brodie had an interesting piece in today's Sun about a campaign to make Elgin Street into a "Sens Mile", and apparently a great deal of word of mouth is being spread via Facebook. Here's a clip:

"We don't have enough fans getting out together and celebrating," said Currey, whose Facebook group 'I Am An Ottawa Senators Fan' has attracted 12,000-plus members in just six months.


"I was in Buffalo on Saturday (for Game 2) and they had 7,000 people watching the game on the big screen. Calgary had the Red Mile.

"We need to get something going here."

If the Senators oblige by sweeping the Sabres with a win at Scotiabank Place tonight, Currey wants the mass display of support to begin right after the game.

While I largely don't have a problem with this (with the exception of "Mile" being used instead of "Street" -- alliteration and some feeble sense of originality would be nice), I can't help but notice that the whole thing seems so forced. Why aren't people just coming down to the Market on their own? And when it comes to fan activity, why can't anything be organic? Why do people have to be told what to do? When things are organized, it sucks the "coolness" factor (for lack of better term) right out of them. That's why I jumped on the Gwen Stefani thing with two feet -- it was naturally occurring on its own. Do you think anyone in Calgary or Edmonton honestly said, "Okay guys, we're going to watch the games in the bars, then everyone will move the party to the street, and we'll politely ask the women in the group to bare their breasts for our entertainment"? It just happened. I'm not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth here -- I'm glad someone's making an effort to get fans to participate in an obvious celebration. But the fact remains that people should be taking initiative, and making it happen on their own.