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The Driver informed me that a caller mentioned this week's column on The Team's Over The Edge (Kulka and Versage), but also had some high praise for yours truly. I have no idea who the caller was -- but the compliments, once relayed, were pleasing to hear.

I know some readers of the column (and TUC) have emailed my editor, pressing the notion that I should have additional work appear in the Sun. For the record, my editor jokingly suggested during our last meeting that these praise-filled missives are coming from my mother -- which would be an amazing feat, since as she's been deceased for over a decade. I had to chuckle about that afterward.

Anyway, thanks as always to those who enjoy what is being done here and in the column -- your insistence to reference what you deem to be quality work to anyone who will listen (and even those who won't) is always awesome. Golf claps and metal horns for all of you.

Now bring on the cult following (and the rapid increase of quality punk rock being played at games)!

3 responses to "Metal horns for my minions"

  1. In this cult do we have to drink the juice to get on the back of a comet.
    I think that didn't work

    More AC DC at Hockey games


  2. You do indeed have alot of fans...from all levels.

    For example, somebody from ottawasenators.com found my blog by typing in "Erin Nicks" and "boyfriend" into google.

    Just thought you'd like to know.


  3. Sherry,

    That's messed up. I've seen the Sens on the blog for some time, but that's the first team-oriented google that included The Driver (that I'm aware of). Totally funny.

    The Universal Cynic