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Regarding tonight's 6-2 loss...

- It's plainly obvious that Emery is bothered by his nagging wrist injury. On several occasions tonight, he wasn't fully extending (he may have contracted Gerber's alligator arm ailment by sharing his glove), and appeared to be protecting said arm during any pushes to the net.

- Can we also talk about Ray going down to his stomach too early? This was blatantly evident during the second goal. If he wants to go down, he needs to activate his legs (Hasek would do this, sometimes flinging them back and up in a last-ditch attempt). When Ray drops, he remains sedentary. It might be time for a yoga class or two.

- Chris Phillips isn't doing much to sell people on the idea that he's a big player who can remain consistently effective in the new, fast-paced NHL. His penalties mainly consist of ones that impede progress of the opposition, which would suggest that he can't keep up. The irony is that Chris Phillips is surprisingly quick for a player of his stature -- making his infractions all the more frustrating.

- Glenn Healy pointed out that Alexander Ovechkin had all of his broken sticks immediately returned to him by officiating staff, because if a member of the Senators were to get ahold of them, they would plainly witness AO's illegal curve, and have him penalized. Healy's wording, likely unintentional, made it sound like the referees were anything but objective towards Ovechkin's equipment.

- And finally, the one thing you didn't want to see in HD tonight: The NHL employees working the penalty box at the Verizon Center. There were far too many closeups of septuagenarian heads that have definitely seen better days.

P.S. We can't believe we almost forgot to give a mention to Lakehead boy Danny Bois for not backing down to Donald Brashear.

3 responses to "A few things"

  1. I totally agree with you on the old guys in the penalty box. At one point I was thinking...time to count the liver spots :)

    As for Philips, it seems he's always taking that 3rd period bad penalty. I also think Fisher should've been wearing the C last night.

    I like Ovechkin, but after the last couple of games, he's going down in my list of favourite players...however Schaefer went up a notch for his Roger Neilson impression.


  2. Seeing old people in the penalty box is terrible! If you are going to show the penalty box and increase ratings put some female eye candy in the sin bin, maybe some of those cheerleaders American citys have.

    The Seantors have bee playing better lately and that's great.

    I agree, Emery's arms got shorter as the game went on, it seems this showed as the shots went to the high glove side.

    The stone man is still lobbying for the Sens v Flames cup final.

    Watched the Bay boy's #12 & #19 Tuesday night here, it was not good.
    Pyatt out with the dislocated shoulder, man that sucks he was playing well.
    Dany Boy has fought tougher in -40 at the outdoor rink.


  3. Nana,

    I felt bad for Pyatt as well -- he was finally getting some run.

    Re: Bois doing battle at home -- I used to live down the street from Carrick Park (and went to elementary school at Corpus Christi) -- their rinks were badass.

    The Universal Cynic